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Land and house on the Kosančićev venac

Land and house

The house contains over 200m2 on the land of 85m2, with unique
position and building upgrade potential on 4 levels and 400m2.

It is located on the corner of the Kosancicev venac and Kralja Petra street, in front of the National Gallery and has a viewpoint on the rivers and Novi Beograd.
The house has been in private property for over 150 years.


Kosancicev venac is urban and the oldest part of Belgrade. It leans over the Sava river, surrounded by Kalemegdan on the one side, and Branko’s bridge on the other side. Kosancicev venac might represent the most beautiful part of Belgrade with its paved stone streets and old family houses.

The house viewpoint

The house provides a beautiful viewpoint on the Sava river and the panorama of Novi Beograd.

The history of the house

It was built in the 70s of the 19th century as a typical civic house on the Kosancicev venac which at that time represented the center of social, cultural and business life of Belgrade.

Kosančićev venac

Kosancicev venac is characteristic by its paved stone streets, while houses and public buildings show various architectural styles: from traditional Balkan architecture to the first marks of the European influence.

The national gallery

With the Urban plan of Belgrade, the construction of the National Gallery with the viewpoint is planned. It will connect the city center with the river and Belgrade Waterfront. The Gallery will mostly be buried into the field, and on the rooftop will be an Exhibition plateau. This very viewpoint will be leveled with Kosancicev venac in front of the house and it will additionally improve its view from the object.

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